Shamrock Rose Needlework



1 Card Glissen Gloss Rainbow Blending Thread


70% Nylon/30% Metallic


35 yards per card


Rainbow Blending Thread is a metallic filament wrapped with and supported by nylon fiber, for unbeatable strength, integrity, and memory. It will not stretch or break.


Available in 52 sparkling fibers, Rainbow adds beautiful accents to needlework projects or home decorator accessories.


Available in 52 Colours *

  • R000 White
  • R001 Multi White
  • R002 White Flame
  • R003 Opalescent White Flame
  • R004 Pink Flame
  • R107 Royal Blue
  • R108 Blue Green
  • R109 Midnight Blue
  • R111 Pale Blue
  • R115 Iridescent Pale Blue
  • R116 Iridescent  Blue
  • R200 Dark Teal Green
  • R201 Teal Green
  • R202 Light Teal Green
  • R204 Seafoam Green
  • R302 Green
  • R306 Emerald Green
  • R308 Lime Green
  • R309 Olive Green
  • R403 Iridescent Pastel Yellow
  • R406 Gold
  • R407 Brass
  • R605 Brick Red
  • R609 Iridescent Pale Pink
  • R610 Blue Red
  • R611 Iridescent Pink
  • R612 Pink
  • R615 Azalea
  • R617 Red
  • R618 Purple Red
  • R620 Grey Pink
  • R630 Iridescent Salmon
  • R640 Iridescent Apricot
  • R700 Iridescent Violet
  • R701 Violet
  • R703 Lavender
  • R705 Iridescent Cornflower Blue
  • R710 Double Violet
  • R808 Copper
  • R810 Orange
  • R811 Pumpkin
  • R812 Dark Brown
  • R900 Multi Black
  • R901 Silver
  • R902 Black
  • R903 Charcoal
  • R904 Black Flame
  • R905 Gunmetal Grey
  • R906 Black Silver Gold
  • R907 Black Gold
  • R908 Black Copper
  • R910 Light Flame


Please include a “Note to Seller” when making your payment through Paypal or e-mail me with your colour and/or stem choices.


Please note that actual colours may vary slightly from the colour on your computer screen.


In-stock quantities are not guaranteed.


Shipping discounts for multiple purchases!


I am pleased to accept MasterCard, Visa and Paypal.


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